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Naked people, with annuities flying out of their bum cheeks!

Jo Bradford | Associate Communications Consultant
December 29 2016, 9:41 am

Not quite word for word, but that’s the gist of what Sir Lenny Henry thinks would help the profile of pensions. And he’s not far wrong.

We’ve been talking about how personalised video content could be successful in boosting employee engagement. In our blog “The power of personalised video” we explore the need to keep up with the growing trend in personalised video content (Read the full article here). So, it was great to hear Lenny talking about video at the PLSA conference. He was discussing the need to perk up pensions communications and suggested that pensions information should be delivered by video. Preferably with a hearty dose of humour, of course.

Everyone, well almost, has a smartphone or tablet these days. We get our news from our phones, do our banking on them and share information with friends and colleagues using them. And we watch videos on them. When you need to find out how to put up wallpaper, help your children with their homework or take up that hobby you’ve been dreaming of, where do you go to find out how? Youtube, that’s where. You watch a specially prepared, short instructional video that tells you what you need to know. 

Lenny also mentioned Clickbait, that provocative, but appealing, image or phrase that makes you ‘click’ on a particular website or article (Did you see what we did with the title there?). Clickbait can be seen as a very cynical technique. On the web you’ll often click on something, only to find the website or product behind it isn’t anywhere near as appealing (or even relevant). But, it still keeps working. And it works because the advertisers are smart, they can see what our interests are from our online activity and target us with things they are sure we’ll want.

We can do this with pensions audiences too. Employers are well placed to know what makes their employees tick, and we can help them turn that knowledge into images and phrases that really press buttons. Honestly, who wouldn’t prefer a series of two-minute videos explaining how the pension scheme works to a 40-page booklet? What about a benefit statement that talks to you? Christmas is on its way, so why not use the ubiquitous singing elf video to remind folks to make a new year’s resolution to pay more into their pension. You can send them straight to the provider’s website after jingle bells has finished playing. It’s seamless, maybe a bit funny, and feels very personal. It’s the future.