7 tips for creating a standout pensions video

7 tips for creating a standout pensions video

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1) Have a clear narrative story

Creating a video is a way of telling a story and taking the viewer on a journey !

Before you start, consider what you want to say.

  • What's the message?

  • What's the call to action?

  • How do you want people to respond to your video?

  • Creating a detailed storyboard can also help you to test your idea with internal stakeholders and trustees before putting it into production.


2) Personalise content

We regularly work with clients, segmenting their audience, to ensure we produce relevant messages that reflect the values and beliefs of their members.

Investigate creating individual personalised content to ensure even more meaning and relevance.


3) Be creative

Combine your idea with a narrative thread and then think about how you want to tell the story and execute the creative.

Be bold. Grab attention. Who says pensions can't be fun?


4) Keep it simple

We all know that pensions can be a complicated subject and if you set out trying to educate people about the finer details, then you may feel disheartened.

What really matters is keeping the message simple and relaying to the individual what information is relevant to them.

Offering a solution for their future and providing them with the right detail is more likely to encourage an individual to take action.


5) Keep it short and sweet

There will be occasions when you might need to create longer communications but, generally speaking, 60% of people stop watching a video after 2 minutes.

So keep your content as short as possible.


6) Consider the user experience

Most people use mobile phones to access online content and mobile video consumption is rising by 100% every year.

When you're developing your video, ensure it can be viewed across multiple platforms and devices to guarantee maximum impact.


7) Remember your audience

We're all humans and we all interact in the same way.

Whether you're talking to a board member or a professional, communicate in human language and make it easy for the person to empathise with your message.

Steer clear of jargon and get straight to the point to help your pension scheme members make the right decision for their future.


If you'd like to discuss how to put these steps into action and create a standout pensions video, then contact us now.

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