Listening in on the latest conversation

Listening in on the latest conversation

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The announcement of Richard Thaler receiving the 2017 Nobel economics prize sent ripples of excitement through the pensions industry.

Once again, his concept of ‘nudge theory’ and the impact this has had on automatic pension enrolment in the UK has got tongues wagging. Using a social media listening tool, we’ve been eavesdropping on every tweet, comment, blog and post on the subject to find out exactly what people are saying. We can even find out where the conversations are taking place and exactly how they feel about the announcement.   

Social media listening tools give you real-time access to what people are saying about your company’s pension scheme. You can use the information collated to drive communications that really speak to your target audience. They can enable you to track and monitor attitudes and opinions about your company’s pension scheme, and find out who the key influencers are that can impact messages you would like to get across. The best thing about them is that they can help to expel myths about what you think you know about attitudes towards pensions. We don’t have to make assumptions that people simply aren’t engaged because we can now get to the heart of the conversation amongst real people.

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Lesley Alexander
Lesley Alexander
Lesley’s career in pensions has spanned more than 37 years.
She has held a number of senior pensions management roles including CEO of the HSBC Bank (UK) Pension Scheme.
Lesley is a Fellow and Council member of the Pensions Management Institute.
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