Minister for Pensions speech at the TUC Pensions Conference

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Garry Opperman, Minister for Pensions, opened the TUC Pensions Conference with the keynote speech. He started by commenting on how proper communication is essential to members. We were delighted that our client, Royal Mail, was held up as an example scheme that has particularly engaged employees through its communications.

We attend lots of conferences, and communications always makes many cameos. We often hear people saying that ‘communications is a hot topic at the moment’, and we certainly agree. It’s not just at retirement either, members expect to be communicated with from the outset, and so it’s essential that we do just that.

Another key message from Guy Opperman was how savings culture is changing as a result of companies like Moneybox. It’s shown in the vast uptake of auto enrolment from millennials, despite many believing the age group would all drop out. That didn’t happen, as people want to save and they’re seeing the value in starting early.

We’re seeing so many changes in how people use technology to save, and encourage further saving. It seems that weekly there’s a new challenger bank or savings app fresh to the market. Clearly there is an appetite for online savings, money management and rewards. If you want to hear more about how technology can facilitate better communications please get in touch.

Read more about Royal Mail’s scheme communications here.

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