Johnson Matthey

Helping employees make informed pension choices


Following a formal consultation, Johnson Matthey offered its scheme members a choice of up to four new pension savings options. Our brief was to:

  • Present the options clearly and concisely to 5,000+ pension scheme members;
  • Enable them to compare the cost and potential benefits of each option; and 
  • Minimise the number of queries directed.


They produced newsletters, posters, postcards and this wonderful online modelling tool. No-one else could come anywhere near what FP did for us, and the cost.
Andrew Charman

The challenge was to provide members with comprehensive information to enable them to make informed choices, without overwhelming them with detail. The campaign’s centerpiece was a pension modeller, which pre-populates with member details, eliminating the need to input information. Members use age and contribution sliders to create illustrations.


Johnson Matthey reported that over 55% of members of the existing Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) pension scheme chose to switch to a new Cash Balance plan. This was more than five times the number anticipated. They also said the modeller helped significantly reduce the time team members spent explaining the new choices to members.