Jaguar Land Rover

Providing a secure future for employees


Jaguar Land Rover wanted to put forward changes to their pension arrangements in the UK to ‘help provide a sustainable and secure future for employees’. The organisation proposed to change from one type of defined benefit pension scheme to another. The challenge was to present information in a clear and concise way so that members could fully understand the proposed changes and see the purpose.


The main aim was to ensure all members understood the proposed changes. A consultation is a two-way process, so an effective dialogue between the company and members was vital. We did this by creating clear and comprehensive communications and encouraging those involved to be a part of the communications journey.  

We ensured that messages were delivered in the ‘Jaguar Land Rover Way’ and were available to the right people at the right time. We adhered to our core principles of ‘little and often’. We didn’t want to overwhelm members with information so we focused on delivering informative but concise pieces of content, which were much easier to engage with. The language of pensions can be a barrier for people so we used simple and relevant communications that people could relate to. We also focused on clear signposting to ensure that information was as accessible as possible.

We created a variety of marketing collateral, which included: a summary of consultation timings, internal updates and video communications. Our series of animated videos, developed with input from Jaguar Land Rover, helped people to fully understand the proposed changes and received excellent engagement, with 8,793 combined views. The videos also helped members to absorb information and on average people watched 85% of each video’s content.

We also worked with one of Jaguar Land Rover’s partners to contribute to the content and layout of the consultation website, which was very effective. Users were able to log in and input the figures that were relevant to them, illustrating how they could be impacted by the proposed changes.

To support the Jaguar Land Rover team further and to provide bespoke support to a wide variety of members, we hosted a feedback email address. We liaised closely with the client throughout the process and managed and monitored the responses, feeding them back to the client team during weekly updates. This ensured a constant dialogue between the members and the client and enabled a tiered approach to answering detailed member queries. It also provided management information for both the client and the trustees.

To complete the project, we developed a closing video, which enabled Jaguar Land Rover to talk directly to the audience about the consultation outcome. The video received over 1,200 views and 85% of the content was viewed, demonstrating that viewers were engaged throughout.  


We worked with Jaguar Land Rover to successfully support them throughout the duration of the project, which lasted almost 18 months. All of the communications were aligned and we communicated to their members in the ‘Jaguar Land Rover Way’, ensuring that we took members and stakeholders on the journey with us. The result has been a highly effective change programme and the project received positive feedback from both the client and members.