Simplifying communications for our clients


Centrica wanted their employees to be more engaged with the Company’s pension arrangements. These were quite complex, with many different sections and benefit structures, as well as AVC (Additional Voluntary Contribution) and Top Up arrangements. We were  appointed to help employees understand their options by making improvements to the annual benefit statement - a key communication to members of the different arrangements.


To create a benefits statement that was comprehensive and informative, which effectively communicated a complex range of pension options, setting out the information clearly and concisely. The benefit statements were particularly detailed, with many permutations for the numerous sections of membership.

The first step in overcoming this challenge was to create a fully ‘flexible’ conditional document, which was used as a template to create all the permutations of the statement that were needed. The different sections of the membership were given their own uniquely designed statement, adding an additional degree of separation between the sections. This allowed us to provide targeted information relevant to each individual member, enabling effective financial planning for the forthcoming year and beyond.

The benefit statements were issued electronically to members, as part of a communication campaign, through a specific internet portal accessible only to the member.

Centrica brochure
Centrica brochure

Centrica saw an increased login rate to their internet portal following the distribution of the statements to members. This was a direct result of greater engagement by members with the communications about their pension arrangements.